Before making a decision to travel ask yourself if it is a good idea to get your treatment service abroad. First of all, quality of treatment should be the first consideration but not the cheapness. After you make a decision, you will have questions to ask.​

These are what you might ask yourself

​What do I have to put in my luggage before travelling?

It would be the best start if you do a list before packing. Don’t forget to take your passport, flying tickets, identity card, health insurance card, ATM and credit card, enough money in cash, the pills you are currently using and medical devices.​

What should I do after the treatment/operation?

Ask your doctor what can happen to you after being operated. Talk about what you should do and shouldn’t do. If you notice things like discomfort, bleeding or infection you must see your doctor immediately.

How will I get my pills in Turkey?

You can take a certain amount of pills with you in Turkey. Don’t forget to take the drug’s prescription with you. In order to prevent illegal drug’s attempt, there have been taken important steps in Turkey. The problems you will have in this respect might affect your journey.​

What should I learn about Turkey before my coming?

It is useful for you to learn about the location and temperature degrees of the town you are going to travel to. Your travel agency will mention you the hotels in the town you choose.

Besides that, you can liven up your trip by searching for the town’s cultural and historical characteristics. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to explore the Turkish cuisine.