Bleaching ( Teeth Whitening )

Bleaching is the whitening of the teeth. It is mostly recommended in discoloured teeth due to the heavy smoking, tea & coffee consuming. There are two types of bleaching procedures;

  • Home bleaching
  • Office bleaching

With the home bleaching technique, an impression is made in the dental office and patient puts a jel in and apply it on the teeth at home for approximately 8 hours. However, in office bleaching procedure, the process is all under the control of dentist which is more reliable.

Karbamid peroxid is used as bleaching material. It may cause sensitivity and damage if gets contact with the gums. This problem mostly occurs in home bleaching systems. On the other hand, sensitivity may also be seen during and/or after both of the procedures depending on the patient response. According to the literature, it gives no harm and goes away in a few weeks.

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